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  • Exposure (EV) measurement (+Manual EV)
  • Lux / Foot-candle
  • F-number (F) or Shutter speed (SEC) automatic counting
    • App use 1/8 stop f-number increments: modern and professional electronically controlled interchangeable lenses, such as those used for SLR cameras, have f-stop specified internally in 1/8 stop increments
  • ISO sensitivity from 25 to 409600
  • Measurement Freeze mode & Sharing

  • Light sources options
    • Sunlight
    • Cool White Fluorescent Lamps
    • Mogul Base High Pressure Sodium Lamps
    • Dual-Ended High Pressure Sodium (DEHPS): ePapillion 1000 W
    • Metal Halide
    • Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH942): standard 4200 K color temperature
    • Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH930-Agro): 3100 K color temperature, spectrum shifted to red wavelengths
  • Measuring Daily Light Integral in a Greenhouse (Ariana P. Torres and Roberto G. Lopez, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Purdue University)


  • Light volume (Lux or FC) to solar intensity (W/m2) conversion
    • Bright sunlight is approximately 136000 lux = 1075 W/m2. The factor changes slightly depending on time of the day, condition such as cloud cover, moisture in the air etc.
  • Real time light volume graph
  • Light recording


  • Create a room Lightmap – The light intensity map is used to check where the light is strongest and where the light is low

PPFD Calculator

Calculator (Light Calculator)

  • Count light space needs based on the area type and size (Lumens)
  • Count number of bulbs needed to light the area (Information on the number of Lumen of the bulb can be found on the packaging)
  • Lumens measure how much light you are getting from a bulb. More lumens means it’s a brighter light; fewer lumens means it’s a dimmer light. Lumens let you buy the amount of light you want. So when buying your new bulbs, think lumens, not watts.
  • A typical household light bulb might emit anything between 300–1000 lumens, while a high-powered floodlight could emit in excess of 20,000 lumens.

Calculators (Lux & FC / Lumen / Wats)

  • Lux (FC) to Lumen calculation
  • Lumen to Lux (FC) calculation
  • Lux (FC) to Candela calculation
  • Candela to Lux (FC) calculation
  • Lux (FC) to Watts
  • Watts to Lux (FC)
  • Units: meter and feet

Additional features

  • Unlimited CSV export
  • Full samples frequency
  • Sensor calibration