Meet Photometer PRO team

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Przemek Pardel

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

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Kamil Magdziarz

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

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Justyna Kot

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

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Łukasz Byjoś

CIO (Chief Innovation Officer)

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Rafał Pociecha

CEE (Chief Electronic Engineer)

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Karol Kot

Marketing Specialist

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Mateusz Marek

Web Platform

Who we are?

Our startup is focused on light measurement solutions. Starting from the mobile app for Android phones, (trusted by 460K users!), our team created also the device – Photometer PRO Box – which includes light measure software and specialized sensors, that play a major role in improving the efficiency of scientific research and measurements of light in habitats (especially during space experiments).

The effects of light on human health and plant life are well documented; therefore, it is not surprising that light has a huge impact on the lives of astronauts living in habitats and space stations. Our goal is to take part in space exploration by providing tools that allow both astronauts and scientists to measure light in space as well as on Earth.

Our mission

We are on a mission to improve people lives through light solutions.