Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can I measure with device light sensor?

The ambient light sensors measure light in lux (foot-candle), a measure of illumination that depends on the amount of incoming light and the area over which it is spread.

What kind of sensor is used by Photometer app?

Light sensor used by this application is a hardware sensor that measures the ambient light illumination in lux. It is typically found on the top panel of the device (near the front camera), and is used mainly for controlling screen brightness.

Does my phone have a sensor?

Not all phones have a light sensor. You can check it in the specs of your phone.

Can app use front or rear cameras for measurements?

No, front or back cameras are never used for measurements.

Is this app accurate?

Measurement quality depends on the light sensor quality of your device. Moreover, the app is always set up to the best possible sensor accuracy and allows calibrating the sensor with a professional photometer.

Is this app free?

Yes. All app features are available for free. The PRO version disable application ADS, enable PRO features and is available after a small purchase (subscriptions or lifetime license available).

How much cost pro version?

The PRO version costs as much as one coffee. Thanks to this huge support we can improve the app and build new features. This is not obligatory, but you can support this project by purchasing the PRO version. Thank You ❤️

How can I share my improvement ideas?

Feel free to share your improvement ideas directly with the team [email protected] or with using a special closed group available for all PRO users.